Why People Get Job Descriptions Wrong and How to Improve Them


Why People Get Job Descriptions Wrong and How to Improve Them

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Apparently there has been a little confusion between a “job description,”A�and a ‘job ad.” People tend to use the two interchangeably.

What’s the difference?A�Believe it or not, there is a big difference.

A job description (JD) is a technical document. It’s meant to describe the job for internal approval,A�job requisitions,A�and to help candidates and new hires understand exactly what will be expected of them. AA�job ad, on the other hand, is not technical at all. It is an online job post, meant to sell your ideal candidate on working for your team. Writing a great job ad will help you find great candidates for your positions.

People often post theirA�basicA�job description templateA�- boring technical documents – on job boards.

Here is a step-by-step through each section of a good job description.

Choosing the Right Job Title and Summary

It seems there are more and more “creative” job titles out there.A�You know, marketing “gurus,”A�PR “ninjas,” “happiness engineers.”

People are just trying to have a little fun with something that’s typically boring, and at the same time trying to create a little more excitement around a job. However, there are some drawbacks.

You should at least put the standard title into the job summary. It’s an important part of yourA�hiring process, and the creation of an accurate job description can help set the stage for a successful hire. When an employee with the new job title calls a clientA�to introduceA�themselves, or hands out their business card, will people understand what it is they do?

Using a standard title will give everyone a pretty good idea what an employee does andA�their level of responsibility. It willA�also makeA�it easier for employees to understand where they are on a pay scale.

The title can become even more important, in regards to pay, when there are similar sounding job titles with different pay scales.

What’s the difference between a marketing manager and a marketing director?

About $20,000 per year, according to PayScale.


Help Your New Hires Succeed by Defining Success

This is a short section in your JD that lets new everyone know what success looks like in this position after the first 90 days, quarter and year (you can adjust these time frames as needed, of course). A�You should also include yourA�organization mission if you have one.

Ideally each time period has a short list, 3-5 tasks, that you expect a successful applicant to complete. This makes it really clear what is expected, so that your new hire isn’t left guessing as to whether they’re doing well.

Only Include the Necessary Responsibilities and Qualifications

Want to make your job description easy to read?A�Cut back on the bullet points.

The responsibilities and qualificationsA�sections of a job description are often a pile of bullet points from a deep job analysis, ranging from the most important responsibilities and qualificationsA�for a specificA�positionA�to the responsibilities and qualificationsA�anyone capable of fogging a mirror can satisfy.

Here’s an example of a job description that goes about 5 bullet points too far with its responsibilities:

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Here’s a much better one:


Responsibilities are roles that are absolutely essential to the job, that are not also absolutely essential to nearlyA�every job.

The same goes for qualifications. The qualifications in the list below are mostly pretty sensible. Almost allA�of themA�are very specific abilities that not everyone possesses. Which is what makes two of the bullet points stand out.

Job experience

Not every job requires you to have a knowledge of distributor operations. But would anyone want to hire a person with no sense of urgency, or terrible interpersonal skills?

It it goes without saying, just don’t say it.

Keeping your job description responsibilities and qualificationsA�down to the essentials will save you and everyone that needs to read them a little time.