What Students Look Out for in a Job Description


What Students Look Out for in a Job Description

In the war for talent, it is getting increasingly difficult for small and medium-sizedA�enterprisesA�(SMEs) today to hire talented interns and full-time staff. Citing the inability to compete with large multinational corporations (MNCs) in terms of brand name and salary, SMEs need to look to alternative methods to attract talented individuals.

To begin, SMEs need to understand what an intern will look out for when sourcing for internship opportunities. Here at Hatchme, we help match internship applicants to prospective employers by matching their resumes to job descriptions provided by employers. But to ensure that we match the RIGHT candidate to the RIGHT employer, we need to ensure that this process is not simply a match of skill requirements to skills possessed.

Meaningful learning opportunities and work experience, as well a companya��s corporate culture are among some of the several factors that attract interns to join your company.

What better way to communicate these to your potential interns than through your job descriptions (JDs)? Basic JD crafting tips aside, companies must realise the importance of bringingA� the learning opportunities that the internship can provide toA�the applicanta��s attention.

Fig. 1: Graph showing the top 5 things interns look for in a JD.

We recently conducted a survey to understand what interns look out for in an internship and what type of information they look out for in a JD. Based on the results, the top five things internship applicants look for in a JD are: Learning opportunities, Skills required, Description of company culture, mentorship opportunities, and potential to convert to a full-time staff (see Fig. 1).

Bearing the results in mind, here are some points to note when drafting a good JD that appeals to the internship applicant:

  • Showcase your company culture in your companya��s description
  • Sell the job scope of the intern as a a�?learning opportunitya�? rather than simply list out the roles and responsibilities of the intern.
  • Use words like a�?managea�? when writing the interna��s job scope to give more ownership to the role.
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  • Use phrases like a�?charting strategic directiona�? to give importance to the role.
  • All interns join a company to learn more about the job and the industry. Unless the need for skills is necessary, emphasise on the applicanta��s attitude instead.

Below is a sample of the JD that we use here at Hatchme. Examples of the above mentioned points are highlighted in blue:


While it is not wrong for businesses to demand certain characteristics in their potential interns or full-time employees, organisations need to realise that the power in the recruiting relationship is shifting to the candidate. Companies need to understand what internship and job applicants are looking for when applying to a company. And what better way to communicate this information, then through a carefully thought out, well crafted JD.