You need to understand the company before applying


You need to understand the company before applying

The trick to keeping the questions casual is to start with general questions to break the ice, before digging in deeper, keeping it light and objective the whole time.

How Company Culture Affects Your Performance

Having an employer with compatible values and a conducive work culture will allow you to thrive professionally and personally. If youa��re a natural extrovert with lots of creative ideas, youa��ll want to stay away from a traditional organisation where employees are expected to do as theya��re told, or youa��ll end up feeling stifled and frustrated, which is bad for you and bad for the company.

Finding an employer who will appreciate your ideas and skills and treat you as valued employee will do more for your career growth and personal development than a well-paid job that makes you miserable.

That said, how do you go about evaluating a companya��s work culture and how can you tell if ita��s the right fit for you?

How to Get the Inside Scoop

Here are a few ways you can get the inside scoop on an organisation:

1. Online Reviews

You could start with online reviews of the organisation, and remember not to limit it to employee reviews. Find out what their customers are saying about them too, if possible. For company reviews by employees, do refer to our companies reviews tab! We will be adding more companies now and then.

2. Current and past employees

Ask your friends and family if they know anyone whoa��s currently working there, or who used to work there. Chances are someone you know will have a friend or relative whoa��s a current or past employee. Thata��s the best way to find out what the culture is like. Personal connections will be more forthcoming in sharing their experience with you.

3. Social media

You can also check out the companya��s social media activities to see how they respond to public comments and customer enquiries, and to get an idea of their brand reputation. The way a company communicates with the public says a lot about their culture.

4. The interview

After youa��ve done your research, go for the interview with a list of questions about the way they operate and their brand values. Bear in mind that the interview process exists for the benefit of both parties a�� youa��re there to evaluate them as a potential employer too. Having done your own research in advance, you can then compare their responses with what youa��ve learned from other sources.

But what questions should you be asking, and how should you phrase those questions to remain neutral and professional?A�We wrote a post on this! You can refer to it here.

Is company culture an important factor for you when considering a job offer?


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