The Voice of Interns: What Students Look for in an Internship [Survey]


The Voice of Interns: What Students Look for in an Internship [Survey]

The mid-year holiday periods for both local university and polytechnic students has arrived. For many employers, this presents them with an opportunity to recruit interns and hopefully convert them to full-time staff in the future.

With such a huge pool of potential interns to choose from, recruiting a few to join your company for a few months should not be an issue, right?

Smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often lose out to large corporations when it comes to recruiting the right interns. SMEs are neither able to compete in terms of providing attractive salaries or having a strong brand reputation. Knowing what interns look for in an internship can help them channel their efforts into coming up with a more cost efficient hiring strategy to attract the right talent.

As a curated internship marketplace, we go beyond the typical job portalsa�� role of accumulating piles of resumes before submitting them to employers. Instead, we employ A.I. technology to help match the right internship applicants to our partners, thereby filtering out irrelevant resumes and saving time. Thus, the recent phenomenon of the lack of interns hired raises some concerns. It has been over a month into the mid-year holidays, yet we find many companies without interns.

In addition, many companies have sought our help to source for interns that can do longer internships. For many businesses, internships also serve the purpose of providing managers with the opportunity to sieve out potential candidates to convert to full-time employees. Three-month internships may not provide the manager with sufficient time to assess the candidatea��s full potential, with proper training itself taking up to more than a month.

To get a better understanding on why students arena��t applying for these positions, we decided to conduct a survey at the various universities and polytechnics. We surveyed a total of 140 students, with 82% of the respondents coming from universities and 9% coming from polytechnics.

We asked students to rank some factors that will:

  1. Influence their decision to apply to a particular company A�for an internship.
  2. Influence their decision to apply for a leave of absence (LOA) from school to do a longer internship.

For both questions, that the most important factors are company culture Clomid without prescription, order dapoxetine. , personal development opportunities and the availability of mentorship (survey results in the two links above).

It would appear that a competitive salary is not a key determinant in influencing an applicanta��s decision to apply for a company at all. Bearing the results in mind, SMEs can then redirect their efforts to improve current hiring strategies, or come up with better ones.