How to Dress for an Internship Interview


How to Dress for an Internship Interview

Applying for internships isn’t the easiest process for sure. You spend hours building and refining your resume. Then, it takes another couple of days to apply through various portals, make connections on linkedin and even send cold emails. But finally your hard work pays off and you get called for an interview! Now there’s another question on your mind. What do you wear??

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Why is dressing right important?

Gone are the days where men wore suits and women wore towering heels to work everyday. Millennials around the world are opting for more comfortable work clothing giving rise to the all too famous “business causal” dress code. So you might be wondering why you have to be formal for interviews? After all, you haven’t even gotten the job yet!

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The answer is that your attire speaks volume about your intentions and values. When you put effort into your attire, it immediately indicates to the interviewer that you are serious about the job opportunity.
Research and Preparation

The first step to putting together an interview attire is to find out about the company culture. There a couple of things you may wish to look out for:

  1. Age
    If a company has been around for more than 20 years, the firm is more likely to have a more formal dress code. On the other hand, a startup is likely to have a casual work attire.
  2. Industry
    Companies in theA�legal, consulting, private banking, accounting and fast moving consumer goods tend to have stricter dress codes. Tech, marketing and creative firms typically have more casual dress codes.A�(Real Men Real Style, 2017)
  3. Culture
    Finding out about the company’s culture will help you understand the informal norms surrounding attire. The best way to do this would be through contacts in the company. Otherwise, exploring websites like Glassdoor may also do the trick.

Once you have a rough idea of how formal the work attire needs to be, you can get started on collecting all the pieces to assemble the perfect attire!

Attire for Women

As compared to men, women have a lot more styles to explore which has its own pros and cons. You get more choices and flexibility but it is also easy to go too overboard. The key is to keep it neat and simple. The following infographic summarizes all the tip and tricks you need to put together a great oufit!

Attire for Men

Working attire for men has 2 basic pieces, a shirt and a pair of trousers. However, with various different styles for shirts and trousers, there’s an endless number of combinations to explore. Your research will go a long way in determining how formal your overall look should be.

This will then affect the styles and pieces of clothing you pick. Chinos and Khakis may be suitable for startups or SMEs for example. On the flip side, blazers and ties may be necessary for finance and accounting positions.

The following infographic summarizes the dos and don’ts for men’s interview attire.

If in doubt, always opt for more formal attire. It’s always better to go into an interview slightly overdressed than running the risk of looking sloppy and unprepared.

Ultimately, you must learn to trust your judgment and learn from experience. Now go forth and conquer that interview!