How to Develop a a�?One-Day Hiringa�? Programme


How to Develop a a�?One-Day Hiringa�? Programme

In an earlier article, the article discussed the potential benefits a a�?one-day hiringa�? programme can bring to a company in todaya��s war for talent.

If you are worried about making really fast hiring decisions, realise that under this process, there is a thorough assessment and vetting of the candidate.

Obviously, before they qualify for the process, the applicantsa�� resumes and LinkedIn profiles must be thoroughly examined by several individuals to ensure that they meet the a�?very-qualifieda�? bar. Then days before the candidate is set to can come down for the interview, recruiters check social media, conduct a Google search

While a hiring decision is finalized on a single day, what appears to be a quick decision is in fact a thorough hiring decision.

Steps That Make Quality Hiring Possible Under the One-day Approach
  1. Make the business case for one-day hiring -A�Even if your executives are initially supportive of the idea, put together a compelling business case for both executives and hiring managers. Demonstrate that the process has a high ROI and that it results in high-performing and innovative hires who simply could never have been landed using your traditional drawn out hiring process. After the processes have been operating for a while, be sure to measure hiring manager, recruiter, and candidate satisfaction to see if they like the sped up process.
  2. Decide whichA�jobs baclofen without prescription, buy Zoloft. A�qualify for one-day hiringA�a�� one-day hiring should only be reserved for the 5 to 20 percent of jobs that are really hard to fill. Looking as past records of how long it took to fill specific jobs is a good start,
  3. Use low-risk sources for one-day hiring candidates a�� certain candidate finding sources job portals are slowly becoming irrelevant and inefficient as the need for quick hires increase. These days, it will be a lot better to engage the services of companies that conduct intelligent matching to help you find the right talents for the right job.
  4. Decide whichA�hiring managersA�qualify for the one-day hiring programA�a�� many hiring managers will not be automatically suited for one-day hiring. So educate the hiring managers for these targeted jobs. In some cases, recruiting leaders should qualify or designate which hiring managers can use the process.
  5. Conduct both pre-assessments and reference checkingA�a�� the best one-day hiring approaches involve a great deal of pre-assessment in order to minimize hiring mistakes. The pre-assessment process, which occurs prior to hiring day, almost always includes checking their LinkedIn profile, conducting a Google search on the individual, and reviewing their social media profiles.
  6. Consider a a�?speed interviewinga�? approachA�a��A�speed interviews limit interviews to five minutes. Research shows that most hiring decisions are made within the first few minutes of an interview. Each candidate goes through a five-minute interview and then with one interviewer to the next until all interviewers have assessed all candidates. A final lengthier interview can be conducted by the hiring manager on those candidates who have been judged as a�?immediately hireable.a�?
  7. Identify a candidatea��s job acceptance criteriaA�in advanceA�a��Interviewersa�� struggle to identify a candidatea��s expectations in a job can lengthen the hiring process. The discovery process is shortened by asking candidates for their job acceptance criteria before the interview. You can then tailor your offer to meet their expectations. Asking for their job acceptance criteria also forces the candidates to decide on precisely what they want in a job. This minimises delay in their acceptance of your one-day offer.
  8. Educate your candidates to minimize anxietyA�a�� an expedited one-day hiring process can make some candidates extremely nervous. In order to minimize any anxiety, provide those eligible for the one-day process with a sheet that fully explains why you are doing it, step-by-step details on the process, FAQs, and how the process benefits them. You may further reduce their anxiety about the job itself by providing a�?a day-in-the-life videoa�? (taken by the team on a mobile phone) that can serve as a realistic job preview.
Final Thoughts

If youa��re fighting a war for talent and you find that you are losing out because your hiring process takes forever, add a one-day hiring process to your recruiting options. There is no law that requires you to make slow and drawn-out hiring decisions, so how fast you hire is strictly up to you as long as you use a consistent process.

Of course, as with anything new, you are likely to get some initial pushback from managers, recruiters, and HR people. But that resistance will fade away completely when they see the amazing results that one-day hiring produces.

The longer you waited before asking the in-demand potential dates, the less likely that you would get a yes to your offer.