Here is What the Perfect Resume Looks Like


Here is What the Perfect Resume Looks Like

Resumes are essential to the job search, but leta��s be honest: creating one is not exactly anyonea��s idea of a good time. With so many conflicting pieces of advice, you might feel like you dona��t know where to start or what to do. But dona��t worry a�� this time, wea��ve done the heavy lifting.

Here is anA�infographic to give you an easy-to-follow outline for a resume that will wow recruiters and hopefully, land you the job of your dreams. Ready for a resume revamp? Read on below!

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anatomy of resume

1.A�Design Matters:A�Dona��t go overboard with intricately decorated templates.A�Look for sufficient white space, margins of at least .7 inches, and a font size no smaller than 11 pt.

2. Be Reachable:A�Make it easy for recruiters to reach out to you by providing your contact info near the header.

3. Show Off Your Skills: Dona��t make recruiters hunt for the most critical information on your resume a�� include a table of your key soft and hard skill sets up top. Make sure yourA�highlighted skills show why youa��re a good fit for the job a�� all the better if these are keywords from the job description.

4. List Your Experience: This section should include each company youa��ve worked for, your title, the dates you worked there, and several bullet points that describe your key accomplishments and responsibilities.

5. Quantify Your Experience:A� Whenever you can, use concrete data points a�� it helps provide recruiters with the scope and context of your work, and demonstrates how you contributed to the bottom line.

6. Include Other Positions:A�Dona��t be afraid to include positions that arena��t directly related to the one youa��re applying for, especially if you have limited work experience. You can still use it to demonstrate the skills and qualities you want highlighted.

7. Get the Grade: Many jobs require degrees or certifications, so make sure to list yours. GPA is optional, but may be worth including if youa��ve graduated recently with high marks.

8. The Extra Stuff:A�Add some color to your resume with a short catch-all a�?Additional Experiencea�� section at the end. Include clubs/organizations, volunteer experience, awards youa��ve won, and even interesting hobbies or activities.

9. Keep It Concise:A�Limit your resume to 1-2 pages at the most.