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Hatchme automates your complex candidate selection process by using artificial intelligence to accurately predict suitable candidates for each job position.

To date, over 300+ leading employers hire phenomenal talent with Hatchme.

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Invest your time in the right candidates instead of mass screening resumes and conducting numerous rounds of interviews.

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Our A.I. algorithms analyzes our pool and reaches out to suitable talent with your opportunity.

3. Review matched applicants

Candidates are ranked in order of their suitability to assist your selection process.

Proprietary A.I.
Talent Ranking Technology

Based on key recruitment indicators such as skills, strengths and personality, our A.I. technology accurately predicts each candidate’s suitability for each job position.

This allows us to deliver the recruitment agency experience as job portal 2.0, at a cost 22X lower than typical agency charges.

As our launch offer, we are offering the platform free-of-charge (for 1 year) for the first 500 employers who sign up!

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Awards and Accolades

Winner  |  Singapore Valley Award 2018 (China)

2nd Runner Up  |  PAK Challenge 2017 (Singapore)

Finalist  |  K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017 (Korea)

Finalist  |  University Startup World Cup (Denmark)

Finalist  |  Global Student Entrepreneurship Award 2018 (Singapore)

Incubatee  |  SMU Startup Acceleration Programme


Trusted by the world’s leading employers

“The Hatchme platform helped us fill a junior position within a few days. It really helped to hasten the hiring process. Adding on, she has been doing pretty well in Paktor.”

Ms. Jessica See   |   Paktor

Human Resource Manager

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Public Relations
Graphic Design

Human Resource
Customer Success
Web Development


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