Digital Marketing: The Whole New Era of Recruiting

Digital Marketing: The New Era of Recruiting

In this montha��s episode of Recruit Forward, wea��ll explore the connection between recruitment marketing and digital marketing, whata��s been referred to asA�inbound recruiting, and the approach companies should be taking as the world continues to become more digital.

FromA�Google to socialA�and every form of digital media in between, todaya��s candidates are more connected than ever and expectA�everythingA�can be done onlinea��finding a job, especially. The internet has certainly ushered in a new era for the job search process.

And ita��s up to talent acquisition leaders and recruiters to capitalize on that.

With the interneta��s growing role, there has been a very interesting convergence of recruiting and digital marketing in recent years. In fact, the convergence has been so significant, we feel comfortable saying recruiting has become much more than just a�?similara�? to digital marketinga��ita��s a form of digital marketing.

We truly believe the most high-performing talent acquisition leaders are excellent digital marketers, or at least surround themselves with professionals that are experts in that area.

Digital marketing is about connecting with, marketing to, and converting strangers on the internet. Recruiting has been going this way for a long time, and major wins are on the way for companies hurrying up to get on this path.