Attract Talents through Effective Utilisastion of Facebook


Attract Talents through Effective Utilisastion of Facebook

Should you post job openings onA�Facebook?

The world’s most popular social network is not a job website, or even a job aggregator. Nor is it a sort of board/social network hybrid, like LinkedIn. There is no “Post a Job” feature on Facebook – yet.

But here’s the thing.

There are 1.09 billion people active on Facebook every day.A�Your dream candidate may not be actively searching job boards for work, but there’s a good chance they’ve got a Facebook account.

Because there’s no specific way to advertise a job on Facebook, I’m going to show you one simple way to do it here, with a bit of advice on how to get your ad noticed.

How to Advertise Jobs on Facebook

As we mentioned, there’s more than one way to advertise your job on Facebook, but we’re going to focus on the most promising, and simple one.

Before we write a thing though, let’s talk about the difference between a job ad and a job description.

Knowing the difference will give you a great base of knowledge for understanding how to create aA�Facebook job post adA�that gets a response.

Put simply, aA�job descriptionA�is a piece of technical writing meant for internal use that describes expectations, duties and qualifications that go with a role.

A job ad, on the other hand, is written for external use – it is meant to attract the attention of great applicants and get them to drop everything and apply for your position.

A typical title for a job description, say for an electrical engineer, might just be “Electrical Engineer,” or “Senior Electrical Engineer.” It justA�accurately describes the position.

In a job ad, you want to include info that gets an applicant’s attention, something like “Electrical Engineer – Come work on world-changing products for top pay.”

Knowing this difference when posting to a job board gives you a tremendous advantage, because no one is doing it.

When it comes to posting on Facebook, it’s aA�minimum.

Because the Facebook feed is not like a job board at all. Here you won’t just be competing with other people posting job ads. You’re competing with professionals like Buzzfeed who spend their days figuring out how to create posts that dominate the feed.

And you’re competing with everyone’s friends who just posted their latest cute cat, baby or engagement video.

In short, there are a lot of things here that will be fighting for the attention of your ideal applicant, so you really need to be focused on how you’reA�going to stand out.

Check out what UPS, a company that focuses heavily on social recruiting, does with its Facebook account.

Facebook UPS job post example.

Everything in that post is focused on the potential candidate, including the branded image with a testimonial from an actual employee, with UPSA�using learning and growth opportunities as a hook.

Here’s another one by UPSA�that doesn’t do quite as well with the focus of its text:

cardura no rx, zithromax reviews. Facebook UPS job post example 2.

But it does include video, which again hits on the idea of UPS offering opportunities for employees to learn and grow.

How to Advertise Your Job on Facebook – The Basics

Start by going to your Facebook company page and creating a new post.

The text of this post should be a couple short sentences focused on what potential applicants really want, based on the research you did for writing a job ad. Once you’ve got that written, you’ll want to add a photo that’s related to the post in some way.

Example of Facebook job posting.

Images are a minimum for posting to Facebook – your chances of being noticed without one are pretty slim.

After your post isA�written and you’ve got an image added, you’ve got two choices, Boost Post or just Publish.

Boosting the post is a way of paying to make sure that it gets seen. Your minimum budget is $5. The number of people that see it depends on how popular it is – if a lot of people interact with it, Facebook will show it more.

If you’ve never advertised on Facebook before, I recommend studying up with our Facebook recruiting guide before you spend any money – or limiting your budget severely until you get a sense for the results you can get.

If you’re not ready to boost, but just want to get the job out on Facebook, now’s the time to hit publish.