5 Ways to arrange your resume


5 Ways to arrange your resume

Ita��s the time of the year where we students send out resumes for internships or to source for graduate jobs. With such tough competition from all your multi-talented peers, you need to do a little bit more to stand out from that pile of resumes recruiters are looking through.

Research have shown time and again that recruiters only take an average of 6 seconds screening through our resumes! Therefore we need to make an impression with a well thought out and beautiful resume dona��t you think so?

But first, leta��s get the key sections of your resume settled.

You should have:
  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Leadership
  4. Awards and Activities (optional)
  5. Skills

For graduates looking for a job, herea��s an additional tip for you. You might want to ask yourself these questions to make your resume even more tailored to the industry you are applying for.

  1. What is most valued in your target industry?
  2. What experiences, skills, and characteristics matter in your target jobs?
  3. What would you look for if you were the hiring manager?

Now that we have all the sections and content settled, the next problem comes. How are we going to arrange them neatly and visually appealing on (preferably) one page?

Here are 5 simple resume layouts that we think you can consider 😉

1. The a�?gradient coloura�? resume

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2.The a�?One colour is enougha�? resume

3. The a�?no frills but still want some designa�? resume

4. The a�?Black, White and Simplea�? resume

5. The a�?Just Make Me Stand Outa�? resume

Which layout do you like most?