5 Biggest Mistakes New Hires Make & How to Avoid Them


5 Biggest Mistakes New Hires Make & How to Avoid Them

You aced the interview, got the job offer, and accepted (and hopefully negotiated your salary)! Youa��re feeling like all the most difficult parts of the process are behind you. But dona��t be fooleda��your first few days IN a new job are equally important. We roped in Jamie Hichens, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Glassdoor, to weigh in on the mistakes that many new hires make, and how to avoid them.

If you want to set yourself up for success from day one, here are common mistakes to avoid making.

Mistake #1A�Not getting to know your team.

a�?You dona��t have to become best friends with your coworkers but you should take an interest in learning more about them and connecting with them on a personal level.a�?

Mistake #2A�Not listening

Youa��re being thrown a barrage of information when you start a new job, so ita��s understandable you wona��t retain every last detail. a�?However, truly listen when you are learning, take notes, and ask questions to stay engaged.a�?

cardura tablets buy, buy zithromax. Mistake #3A�Not understanding priorities.

a�?If you arena��t sure what your manager expects you to prioritize, just ask. Ita��s much worse to make prioritization assumptions and end up off course.a�?

Mistake #4 Being late.

Showing up latea��to work, to meetings, to anything. a�?It shows a lack of respect and looks like you arena��t taking the job very seriously.a�?

Mistake #5A�Forgoing self-care.

Starting a new job is exhausting. I know that for the first two weeks of a new job, Ia��m always dog tired. a�?In an effort to not hit immediate burn out, get sick, or overly worn down, you need to make taking care of yourself a priority. Get enough sleep, work out, eat right, have fun things to look forward to, spend time with friends and family.a�? It really does make a difference in your health and overall performance during this ramp up time.